A Near Miss

When I missed Claudia walking for the first time I was sad. I was sad when they would only say Mama if I wasn’t in the room. However, I now realize that there are some things that your kids do for the first time that you really want to be absent for.

Just like today.

Gabe’s parents are here and they were giving The Squad dinner and a bath, and I went to the grocery store to pick up food for our dinner.

Apparently, Ian (kindly waiting for his sister to get out of the tub) lifted his leg for his Grandfather and took a giant crap in our bathtub.

I can honestly say I’m glad I missed that one.

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  1. That’s like the time I was at my parents, and I went out to have a beer with some friends. When I got back Louis informed me “Mom I pooped in my pants and it was coming down my leg…..”
    so glad not to be there for that one.

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