I live my life like there’s no tomorrow

On my walks, I’ve started running a little bit. Here is what I think of running: It sucks. I cannot believe that it is something people do for fun. Here are some of the reasons why:

1) Running feels bad.

2) I’m always afraid that I will fall down.

3) The people in cars can see me, and I’m afraid I run like a girl.

4) If you come up behind people that are walking, you scare them, and then feel bad about it.

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  1. Over the summer, the boys went to track camp & some of the moms would walk or run around the track. I would walk. One day a friend got me to try running with her. After about 1/2 way around, I decided I’d rather walk.

    Then I noticed that all of the women that were running had great legs in the front, but the back of their thighs weren’t so impressive. Then I decided running wasn’t for me.

  2. Man, there is just too much stuff that shakes and jigggles on my body for me to run.
    The boobs alone are a killer.

  3. when i jog, i usually start screaming while wailing my arms about in a crazy motion to scare the hell out people.

    ….they deserve it….

  4. hi there,
    i just wanted to tell you that your children are absolutly beautiful!!

  5. Also, running is hard on your joints. You should stick to walking. It’s healthier, even though it takes longer to burn off the calories. You can still WALK and SCREAM and scare people–you just have to know how to do it.

  6. Just wondering if anyone played sports in school…???

  7. I certainly did not. I can’t speak for anyone else. I was a choir geek, and I was also in theatre.

    Sports require running, which sucks.

  8. I was just thinking that the sports stuff usually takes care of the running in front of people thing. I always hated running, but the play a sport while running thing made it much better.

  9. I stopped running when I was pregnant with Robey. Partly because I was pregnant and partly because it was ruining my feet.

    And Tammy’s right: even when I was super fit with super low body fat, I still had cellulite on the backs of my thighs.

  10. Tiffer,

    You have always looked good, running or not running, and I’ve always known you were crazy, even before I knew you liked to run.

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