Gabe calls it “The Street”

Reason number 812 why I love TiVO: You can set it up so that you can get a season pass for a show and it will never record a rerun. This is really handy for shows like Jeopardy!, or The West Wing. or Sesame Street.

I don’t know how many people have noticed this, but when PBS releases new episodes of Sesame Street, they only release about five at a time. If you watch Sesame Street every day for a month, you will lose your mind.

Anyway, today, for the first time in months, a new Street was on the TiVO. I had completely forgotten that the song for Journey to Ernie is so terrible. For non-parents, Journey to Ernie is a segment where Big Bird tries to find out where Ernie is hiding. Sesame Street has a lot of very clever songs – this is not one of them. Here are the lyrics:

(Big Bird) It’s Ernie
(Ernie) It’s me!
(Big Bird) I’d know you anywhere
the cheeee (laughing noise) in your laugh
that Ernie shirt and hair
the squeaking of your duckie tells us your the one
we found him, we found him
la la la la la
our journey, to Ernie, is done!

It’s no Ladybug Picnic. I hope PBS doesn’t sue me for that. But it is seriously the worst song since Jackyl did the song with the Chainsaw solo. I apologize if reading this has made you stupider, but the great thing about blogging is that it allows me to vent without driving my husband crazy.

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  1. Journey to Ernie kills me. BUT—we’ve seen the new Diego (Dora) show ONCE and I still can’t get “AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH RESCUE PACK…Comin’ the the Rescue…” out of my head.

  2. Great. Now I’ll have that song making me crazy for the rest of the night. Or, heck, maybe I’ll wake up in the middle of the night singing it. Thanks.

  3. After last visiting Robey a few months ago I found myself singing la ,la, la, lala, la ,la, la, lala, Elmo’s world. Boy did the people that work for me find that amusing.

    I liked the chainsaw song.

  4. I was at a baby shower with Melissa once and I caught her humming “Elmo’s World” to herself. It cracked me up.

  5. Jackson got a new Elmo bedtime book. You get to sing with Elmo. It gives you the words. I’d like it to “disappear” one day soon.

  6. To Beau AND Ritch:

    The chainsaw song is not good.

  7. I GOT TIVO!!!!! HURRAY! Unfortunately, it won’t record local channels, because the bastards at Directv won’t offer my local channels. But I can still record Zoboomafoo.

    Anyway, Jackyl sucks. All their songs suck.

  8. Nothing rocks out more than the Theme to DRAGON TALES.
    Sometimes we have to rewind it on the TIVO over and over…..because he loves it so much.
    “Emmy wished on a dragon scale, and that’s what started dragon tales”
    CRAP where did she get a Dragon Scale?

  9. okay i like that son. i just can’t get my son to watch seasame street i will have to put it on all the time to brerak him into it. he does love the Backyardigans on nickelodeon. they are cute, i like’em too. ladybug picnic, that brings back memories. man, my kid needs some seasame street.
    Ayman liked it when he was tiny, and we would only watch seasame street during to jouney to ernie, and i would insert “ayman” for ernie.

  10. I actually know where she got the dragon scale! In the very first episode, Emmy & Max move into a new house & find it in their room.

    Does it bother you how long the can be gone without mom noticing (including over night)? I believe that it is all supposed to be in their imagination, but my kids don’t get that.

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