From my E-mails 2

As a nine year old kid, bodily injury was threatened upon me by a grown, total stranger because I was wearing a Georgia Bulldog shirt.

Louis was considerate enough to be born on the Colts BYE Sunday, so I didn’t
have to miss a game.

Well, this doesn’t prove that South Dakota actually exists, but it does prove that my former dickhead boss, (the guy who wrote this thing), did not die an excruciating death after taking a flying leap into the SD waterfalls … like he did in my dreams.

The two times I got pregnant, were the only two times we ever ate sushi.

Congratulations… On getting a visit from the United Arab Emerites on your blog.

(he makes me cover my eyes, he’ll say “okay mom don’t look now” and when I look away he poops.)

By the way, THIIIIS HAT IS MYYYY HAT IT MAKES ME FEEL FIIIIINE! I can’t get it out of my head now. Fuck you.

I thought I would bring some sort of a side or snack and desert. I have a very Martha Stewart urge to make something football shaped…….what the hell is happening to me?

The guy who sold me the car was named Luke Perry. However he did not have sideburns.

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  1. People must think they can say anything to you. Me included, apparently. 😉

  2. Nobody ever has to know which one (or ones) are you.

  3. I say far too many retarded things.
    Clearly –

  4. I find you terribly witty.

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