This hat is my hat it makes me feel fine.

It is seriously all day with this hat stuff. They will even sign for hat if they don’t have one.

It could be worse… They could like Barney.

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  1. i hear second-hand barney exposure could cause cancer of the good taste gland.

  2. At least the hats are adorable on them! I couldn’t get my kids to wear hats!

  3. Congratulations on avoiding the Barney years! Boy, that was hell. Whenever I think about having another kid, all I gotta do is remember the Barney years. That was a time of great strife and suffering. I remember wishing I was in ‘Nam or locked away in Pol Pot’s torture chamber. Anything to escape that evil, stupid purple dinosaur. For hours I would scream at the television, “Sharing is NOT caring! Sharing is just giving your stuff away! Let that little brat get his own stuff! I worked hard to get my kid this stuff, he is NOT sharing!” I would have paid someone to put bamboo shoots up my fingernails if I could have the promise of never having to watch that inane horror ever again.

    Anyway, congrats.

    Shutting up.

  4. Excellent job working Pol Pot into conversation.

  5. mmmmm….makes me hungry for a pol-pot of chili!!!

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