Two quick things

1) We were trying to watch “Tommy Lee Goes to College” last night and I have decided that it is just too stupid to watch. (It’s okay if you went to Nebraska, Becky, I would still be watching if he went to UCF). The show is crappy and Tommy Lee acts stupid and we just got rid of our season pass.

2) Who the hell dresses Bill Belichick? We were watching an interview with him on the NFL Network – now it wasn’t as bad as his sideline Obi-Wan/Friar Tuck sweatshirt thing, but he was wearing some cheap t-shirt and – look I don’t know what is going on with him. Maybe he dresses cheaply because he got his degree in Economics.

Dear Bill,

You are not a hobo. You make a good living. Buy a suit. Good job winning three Super Bowls. Please give Corey Dillon the ball a lot, he is on my money team.



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  1. He always looks like he just got out of bed. He’s like, “Whaaa? Game? What time is it? 12:45! Ok, I’ll be right there.”

  2. It’s as if he came to the game straight from his home – under the interstate.

  3. I missed the last Tommy. Darn. I’ve got to get me some TiVo.

  4. You missed nothing but pain.

  5. TOMMY LEE IS AN IDIOT! I lost brain cells with the small portion I watched. Luckily Ritch got distracted. Luckily next week is apparently the last episode.

    SO, I’ve been wondering what happens if you don’t tyoe the right word identification letters & I just found out by accident. If you type one wring, you have to re-do it with a different code…

  6. i’m sure the tommy lee show will eventually lead to a scene with him and his tutor taking a walk on a dark night into the bushes where you hear the faintest slurping noises eminating from the shrubbery.

  7. I’ve never seen the Tommy Lee show, but I have seen Taradise and it is just ridiculously stupid. She needs to stop talking. I don’t make note of when the show is on, but whenever I see it is, it’s like I’m sucked into the stupidity. I watch just to see and hear what idiotic antics she comes up with next.

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