100 Things about me (Part 2)

This is a continuation from Part 1.

51) I never thought I would have twins.

52) I finished one graduate level course.

53) I’m a terrible housewife.

54) I have the same birthday as Takeo Spikes, William Green, Mike Mills and Becky.

55) I have never seen “The Sound of Music”.

56) I was there when Ritch and Tammy’s son, Eric, was born.

57) Every week, we TiVO “Headbangers Ball” and every week we fast forward through most of the videos.

58) I take a lot of pictures of my kids.

59) I sang back up on an Iced Earth song but I’m not credited on the album.

60) I am three years older than my husband.

61) I wish I liked Jazz more.

62) I do like opera, and death metal.

63) I think I am addicted to fantasy football.

64) I’m pretty clumsy.

65) I think it is hilarious when little kids say bad words.

66) I am an oldest child.

67) Every time I think about Hamburglar it makes me laugh. I really want to name a pet Hamburglar.

68) I was in the slave chorus for the opera “Aida” when I was in college.

69) I love my in-laws.

70) The furthest away I have ever been is Tahiti.

71) I was in a garage band in high school.

72) I am lazy.

73) I had my first and last child when I was 31 years old. They were two minutes apart.

74) I talk to hear the sound of my own voice.

75) I love the ocean, but I’m scared of the woods.

76) I have read every Stephen King book except for “On Writing”.

77) When I was pregnant with The Squad, I lost 10 pounds during my first trimester. I threw up so much that it was difficult to leave the house.

78) When I was little, I used to take my doll, Daisy, with me everywhere.

79) I recently realized that I like The Dandy Warhols.

80) I know an unusual amount about music from 1982 – 1992. I think I watched MTV that whole time.

81) I had mono when I was in high school.

82) I lived in Ft. Lauderdale for just under one year.

83) My hips are uneven.

84) When The Squad was/were born, I said some very bad words to the anesthesiologist.

85) I still get excited when I think about my wedding dress.

86) When I lived with Melissa, we used to sing opera arias to each other with southern accents because we thought it was funny. We also used to cross-stitch things with bad words or bad grammar in them for entertainment. We also had well over 1500 bottle caps on our ceiling.

87) I’m afraid that Claudia may have inherited my bad attitude.

89) One Summer, when I was 9 or 10, I watched “Grease” every day.

90) I was afraid of needles until I spent 41 days in the hospital.

91) I love cheese.

92) I love sleeping.

93) Both of my Grandfathers died in 1999.

94) I love the NFL Network.

95) I do not like asparagus.

96) I’m bad at typing. My Mom made me take a typing class in high school, but I cheated and just typed notes to my friends. I still have to look at my fingers.

97) My cats look more alike than my twins. They were also from the same litter.

98) I do not have any tattoos.

99) I used to have a recurring nightmare that involved the Wicked Witch of the West and snakes and fire.

100) I like lists.

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  1. 51, 53, 58, Me too!
    59, I never sang backup, but I did a radio ad once.
    60, I’m older than mine too!
    61, I like the stuff they say is jazz but really isn’t.
    64, 69, Me too!
    74, The minute my son was born, I started talking & talking & talking. Now I can’t stop. I’ll worry when I start whispering to myself like my grandma does.
    76, I’ve even read On Writing. But if he’s written anything in the last 5 years, I haven’t read it. I thought he retired.
    80, I used to really Want My MTV.
    89, What’s up with Grease?
    90, Needles, bad. I could never be a junkie.
    92, I love sleep. I wish people could box it up and give it to me for Christmas.

  2. 55) My respect for you is increased tenfold. Pauline Kael’s review of SOUND OF MUSIC is a riot. She lost her job at the time for slamming it. My sister used to LOVE that movie and watch it every time it came on television. I HATE THAT FUCKING MOVIE!

    65) Me too! Actually, I’ve raised mine to be a prolific swearer. He just has to keep a lid on it around his mother.

    76) So you read DANSE MACABRE? One of my favorites non-fiction-wise. Fiction-wise, my favorite by him is PET SEMETARY.

    79) I LOVE THE DANDY WARHOLS! Now I’ll be singing “I Like You” the rest of the day. Woo-hoo-hoooooo!

    98) Me neither.

    100) Lists rock!

    So when are you going to post 101-200?

  3. It seems like 100 things is more than most people could possibly care about.

    Does anyone else care?

  4. Did I ever meet Daisy? I don’t remember her.

  5. Daisy is in very bad shape and she lives in her Grandmother’s sewing basket. My Mom promised to fix her about 20 years ago. I’ll have to take a picture and send it to you. She looks really bad. Most of her hair is gone and I ate some of her fingers off.

  6. Daisy’s story doesn’t bode well for the squad. I hope you don’t plan to pull out Ian’s hair and eat Claudia’s fingers.

  7. My Mom has expressed similar concerns.

  8. I’m tempted to do a list like this too, I just have no idea how you got to 100! That’s crazy!

  9. about 4-5 years, some assclown had the gaul to make the sound of music into a “sing-along” event at movie theaters, where several crazy people dress up like sound of music characters and sing along to lyrics and a bouncing ball.

    that’s like the most awful way to rip off the rocky horror phenomenom i can imagine. my brain stem is melting just thinking of this disaster.

  10. 99. My recurring nightmare had the Wicked Witch of the West in it, too!

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