I bet Ritch still thinks that this is funny.

When I was a freshman in college, I had a crush on Igor from Sepultura. For some reason, my friend Ritch thought that was hilarious.

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  1. Your friend Ritch was a sicko. That’s not hilarious–that’s just disturbing. I’m feeling creepy all over.

  2. Igor is not creepy. Igor is a talented drummer with a name that I’m guessing is more common in Brazil.

  3. No. Creepy would have been liking Robert Smith of The Cure. I still can’t believe people like him. Igor, well that’s a riot and I lauged as soon as I saw the picture. But it’s all non-sensical.

  4. Daft, rash, siily, stupid.

  5. It’s 100% obvious I cut this picture out of a Circus magazine 15 years ago and scanned it when I found it, isn’t it?

  6. Wait a minute…non-sensical has a hyphen?

  7. i just took an 8-hour shower to wash off all of ritch’s creepiness. it’s stil there!!!

    *running off to bathe in tomato juice*

  8. The picture is of Igor. Didn’t you listen to Sepultura?

    You guys are cracking me up.

  9. Honestly. I’m not a creepy sicko. I am not a dirty Brazilian. WTF? Now I know how Bill feels when he is unjustly picked on.

  10. Igor is NOT a dirty Brazilian. You guys are just jealous.

  11. Yes. We are jealous.

  12. I knew it!

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