Randomness Part XIV

It’s not gory, but it’s still disturbing. Awful Plastic Surgery is a good site to visit if you are feeling bad about yourself. It could be worse, you could have paid good money to look bad.

Read Brian Damage, he cracks me up.

This is what I’d dress the squad as for Halloween… if I hated them. Doesn’t it look like an Olsen twin in there?

In case you are curious, Not-For-Profit Dad posted a chart of when baby teeth are supposed to come in and fall out. It also happens to be a part of a pretty funny post.

Okay, this is not really family entertainment, but this one is for the guys.

Life in the New Millennium not only has twins too, but also has funny stuff. (Thanks, Becky)

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  1. Thanks for the link. I’m still waiting for pictures of your hot body.

    Shh. Don’t tell the hubby.

  2. He calls you and Jamwall my “interweb boyfriends” already.

  3. Mister Hand’s Marriage Philosophy No. 1: If your spouse thinks you’re cheating, might as well cheat.

    If you cheat with Jamwall before you cheat with me, I’m going to kick his cowbell-clankin’ ass.

    I can tell you’re a sucker for mindless machismo.

    Feel free to remove this post and never speak to me again. I’m pathetic. I’m working on it.

  4. Read Brian Damage, he cracks me up.

    Is this about me?

    It is, isn’t it?

  5. “I’ve read your blog. I know about you.”

    So does that mean you think I’m HOT?

  6. Mister hand’s cowbell clankin ass comment actually made me spit water out my nose. bravo mister hand.

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