I’m not sure what to make of this.

Tammy and Ritch and their kids came to Tampa this weekend for the USF/UCF fiasco (which I will address later). They brought The Goon Squad a bunch of clothes and books that the boys have outgrown. One of the books is called Once Upon a Potty, by Alona Frankel. It is the “boy” version of the book. I haven’t seen the girl version, but here is a picture from this book.

It’s like Vonnegut for the children.

Also, Erin and Aaron and their children sent us this coloring book from their trip up to Northern California. One of the coloring options in this book is a depiction of Odin, the All-Father, sentencing the dwarves. Another is Frigga and Loki’s deception. The Sqaud loves it. They were actually trying to eat the book this morning.

Does anyone else have anything messed up that they feel like giving my kids this week?

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  1. Norway. It’s everywhere. It scares me.

  2. I have a copy of BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS they could have. “This is a beaver.”

  3. It disturbs me that there are two blue flowers on the right and only one pink one on the left. And why do they call it “poo-poo”?

  4. The whole book is disturbing. I didn’t even show you the page abour a pee-pee for making Wee-Wee (yes, the Wee-Wee is capitalized, but not the pee-pee).

    Available on request.

  5. I want to see that page! Why would Wee-Wee be capitalized? Is somebody marketing Wee-Wee?

  6. I’ve seen the potty book many times. And looked at it many more times than I should because every single time I can’t believe I’m looking at a butthole.

  7. Have you seen “The Gas We Pass”? by Shinta Jo? There is a whole series on boobs, farting, etc. A must have, I got them all in college even though they are children’s books. Now what does that tell you about me? But seriously they are hilarious!


  8. ok why did it list that 3 times!? sorry!
    too bad I am too lazy to look up my password.

  9. Maybe we didn’t catch it the first two times. Sometimes a little repetition helps, especially when we’re talking about bodily functions.

  10. The book actually says (if I remember correctly) that you can substitute your own words. Someone gave me that book…

    My mom got one from the library that was worse. It was called “Who Did It?”. It was about how pooped on the mole’s head. He procedes to ask the other animals & they prove it wasn’t them by showing him their poop. It ends when he finds out it was the dog & poops on his head to get back at him.

    Should I get you that book?

  11. Did you say “someone pooped on the mole’s head?”

  12. Yes. And I said he pooped on the dog’s head for revenge. And my mom thought this was funny. And a child appropriate book.

  13. Do they have the book, “Where do I come from?”

    That answered a whole lot of questions for me as a kid.

    I especially like the picture of the little boy looking at his pee-pee (lower case), otherwise known as a penis, and the caption underneath reads: “It gets bigger as you get bigger.”

  14. i was thinking of writing a hard-nosed cop drama illustration book for kids based on the movie “serpico” with color illustrations on how to go pee-pee and wee-wee.




  15. I think that the words Serpico and “poopoo” have never been put together in literature often enough.
    Let’s have more of that.

  16. I cannot wait unti someone does a search for that. They are going to be really confused when I come up as the first hit.

  17. I did a search – just to see what happened. Serpico and “poopoo” had 82 sources, you were not one.

    I am making a dvd of annoying crap for your children. It is four 30 minute ABC videos. Please don’t hate me!

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