I forgot to tell you guys something about Eric.

When I did the post about Eric earlier, I forgot to tell you something else about him.

A traitor to his parents, Eric decided to root for USF this weekend. His plan was to sit with Gabe and “woot for South Flowida”.

On the way home, way past this kid’s bedtime, he says out of nowhere, “You mess with the Bulls, you get the horns”.

He is Gabe’s new best friend.

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  1. I love this kid!! GO ERIC!!

  2. Hey, if he can so easily betray his team, he is not to be trusted. Perhaps Claudia recognized this, thus her meanness.

  3. Keep in mind, Eric is the brother of the child that said “Hi, I’m Keyshawn Johnson. Keyshawn Johnson is down with the sickness”. Then he did a little dance.

    Those children slay me.

    Mr. Hand might have a point about Claudia. She might be a hater.

  4. Don’t forget about “Joe Jurevicious is bad, bad cowboy”.

  5. Actually, I was thinking that Claudia might have THE SIGHT.



  6. That KILLS me. Eric and Justin are both so funny! I can’t wait until Jack starts talking more….he needs to hang out with the DeVoe kids to learn some new phrases

  7. I just understood why Claudia keeps caaling me Mrs. Torrence.

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