From my E-mails 3

Here are a few more excerpts from real e-mails from my real friends. These are not internet friends. These are people I actually know. Scary, huh?

I’m predicting a SF Bay area SuperBowl: 49ers vs. Raiders

My son just said, “Do you remember when Justin & I had an underwear band, & we weared underwear on our heads and rocked out.”

Happy b-day (deleted)….Maybe you can give (deleted for obvious reasons) a Dirty Sanchez in Orlando.

I heard the Yakuza whack anyone in Japan that visit your blog. I don’t know this to be true, but I’ve heard things…I’ve heard things…

As long as your body/number match. I mean, I really look stupid in a Moss jersey, no matter how slimming black it. It has to be Sapp or Gallery for me.

Your honorary title can be: Doctor ZaZa Feather, The Absurd

And seriously, the Jets ranked ahead of the Bucs? How does that work out? And the Dolphins behind the Broncos after ripping them TWO new a-holes. WTF?

Laaz Rockit shirt is making a comeback in fashion mags. Wear it with a nice Hugo Boss jacket..looks real good.

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  1. good morning doctor ZaZa Feather, The Absurd! what is thy bidding?


  2. Bring me some beer!

    (oh, and make your comments work)

  3. Frank Sucks says:

    I’m so happy I’ve made the list!

  4. Frank, you are one of my best sources!

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