10 Things about Ian

1) Ian will eat anything. I mean anything. He has eaten anchovies, olives, calamari, feta cheese, raw onion, cat food… the list is astounding.

2) Ian has huge feet.

3) Ian falls down a lot.

4) Ian thinks sneezing is funny.

5) Ian’s middle name is Michael – for my brother, Mike.

6) Ian is very good about sharing with his sister – as long as there are two of whatever he has.

7) Ian loves ice. He can even say ice. If I’m drinking water, or tea, he asks for some ice from my drink almost every time.

8) Ian had very bad reflux until he was about nine months old. I used to wash eight of his outfits for every one of Claudia’s I washed. I usually had to change clothes at least three times a day.

9) He has the second cutest butt I’ve ever seen in my whole life.

10) Ian poops more than anybody else I know.

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  1. Claudia’s got 8 comments and Ian’s got nothing!

  2. Claudia’s got 8 comments and Ian’s only got 1!

  3. Claudia’s got 8 comments and Ian’s only got 4!

  4. Balance restored.

  5. I’m sure Ian will appreciate that.

  6. Aw, damn! Now ya RUINED IT!

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