Bill’s Makeover

So, we got (here) to Orlando, and Bill was tanning.

Yes, Bill is getting a makeover. Bill and Jeff were tanning, then they went to the mall and no one else is here yet. So, Gabe and I got some Duffy’s subs (you are jealous if you’ve ever lived in East Orlando), we bought some UCF shirts for The Squad, and now we are getting drunk – because we can.

I talked to Jeff earlier and he said he wasn’t going to tell me anything about Bill’s new haircut because of the shock value. I have no idea what that means, but if Bill lets me I’ll post pictures when I get home.

To Mark: Gabe is a liar. Duffy’s is still here and our hotel is right next to the Falafel Cafe. Sucka.

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  1. Knock some back for me!

  2. and me!

  3. Frank Sucks says:

    A picture as soon as possiable please?????

    Go Herd!

  4. mmm, i made homemade stew and rolls for dinner tonight because we are expecting snow!!!

  5. Go tell Savage Stories to go to Aruba!

  6. I’m working on it. I have the pictue, just not the cable.

  7. Does anyone have a camera phone to email us?????? How does he look???? Are you all tanked???? Its only 10pm here. Call us!!!


    You better tell him to stop that. He’ll start looking old and crusty before his time and you’ll start casting your nets for some young, non-wrinkledy, pasty-white strange!

  9. Oops! It was BILL that was tanning. I got that confused. Disregard previous comment.

  10. well bill might endup looking crusty and worn out.

  11. You guys can stop worrying about Bill. It’s a spray on tan.

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