Randomness Part XV

I 100% stole this from Meatbag, but you can get anagrams of anything using this internet anagram server. For example, one anagram of my name is A CRAB HAS HERS. Do you guys get any good ones? (Thanks, Meatbag).

Frank found me another good one. (This reminds me of XTA’s signs on her pool)
And then five seconds later… Gabe sent me this. Oh, well. It made me laugh anyway.

Speaking of XTA, I Found out about this on her site.

I think all of the pictures of me on here involve me wearing a football jersey and holding a beer. It’s just like college. Except now I have football jerseys.

Oh, Amsterdam, heroin is so passe.

JustLinda has a picture of her own ass on her blog! I still haven’t decided if I think that is cool or trashy. Either way, she’s a good writer and I like her stuff. But she has five daughters, and a picture of her butt on the internet.

Ritch pointed this blog out to me, it’s called Buttsex Gone Awry, but it’s not about what you would think. It’s just really funny. (Ritch found it on Little Miss Pissypant’s site, by the way)

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  1. Aqua dragon had the sons.

    (Okay, so it was a son and a daughter, and you’re not an aqua dragon, but I gotta work with what’s available.)

  2. Nice one.


    Sometimes a long name is useful…

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