We are so out of here

Today, Gabe and I leave for the soulless city – Orlando, Florida. The Goon Squad will be hanging out at home with their Nonny and Papa, who are graciously flying about 1000 miles to babysit for the weekend. Grandparents are wonderful.

Jeff and Bill flew in on Thursday, so they will have a nice head start, but I guarantee that Tammy, Ritch, Gabe and I (all away from the kids for the weekend) will all be do our best to catch up tomorrow night. And like Trevor said he overheard at the USF game, if UCF doesn’t win the Marshall game, it won’t be because we didn’t drink enough beer.

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  1. My kid calls my mother “Nonny.”

    Spooky. I thought she’d made that up.

  2. I thought Gabe’s Mom made it up.

    Maybe they are the same person. Now THAT is spooky.

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