Thundering Herd, My Balls

On Saturday not only did UCF win their first game after a 17 game losing streak, but they did it by beating Marshall. This is especially nice, because my whole family makes fun of my college, and my Dad got his Masters Degree(s) at Marshall.

The UCF crowd actually tore down the goal posts. There is no way that there were even 30,000 people there. It was hilarious!
Ritch showing school spirit.

I didn’t get a picture of it, but my favorite part of the weekend were the two cars that drove by us on the way to the Gabe. The first car’s rear window said “FU MU”. The second car (and my favorite) said simply “Fuck Marshall” on the back window and on the side window it said “Thundering Herd My Balls”.

As promised… Bill’s makeover. Sadly, this picture is not very good, but yes, he does have highlights, and a tan.

What I learned this weekend: If you are going to drink too much. Don’t drink Blue Moon.

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  1. Why does “Thundering Herd my balls” make me giggle? I don’t even KNOW anything about college football…

    GO UCF!!


    I’m trying to fit in…

  2. i know from my love of college hockey our fans make an incredible effort to come up with nasty chants to humiliate the opposing school.

    chants like “junior college!!” or “gopher rejects!!” are some of our most prided scolding phrases.

    its all very wholesome, all we’re hoping for is to cause psychological problems or maybe an eating disorder.

  3. Seriously, when I read the car that said “Thundering Herd My Balls” I laughed until I was crying a little bit.

    I probably said it 30 or 40 times that night.

  4. Judging by the flickr photos, I think Bill looked better before than after. Mostly he just needs a hip new pair of glasses.

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