Easy Come, Easy Go

I got a job (just a one time thing) writing sports trivia. I know a lot about the NFL and I’m learning a lot about NCAA football and basketball. I’m just looking everything else up.

When the guy first hired me, I thought – 200 questions, no problem. Then it got harder and I had only written about 60 questions. Now, five days later (and with help from friends), I have finally finished.

They are paying me good money, however, we took in one of our cars today, and it looks like it is going to cost us over four times what the trivia guy is going to pay me. Ouch.

I think Little Miss Pissy Pants said it best when she said “fuckingbastardgarageman”.

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  1. Congrats on the freelance gig. Let me know if you need some copyediting support. I think you should become a regular sports columnist for your local paper. That should pay for the car.

    (Move over, Ray Romano. Here comes ZaZa Feather, The Absurd.)

  2. I wish. I think there are way more than enough sports columnists in Tampa. Too bad. That would actually be fun.

  3. I love finding other chicks that dig football! That freelance gig sounds really cool!

    Really cute profile pic BTW 😀

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