And so it begins.

Tonight will be The Goon Squad’s inaugural trip to Chuck E. Cheese. We will be attending the 3rd birthday party of Louis (seen here reading the newspaper on the toilet).

I’m nervous for the following reasons:
1) Most of the party will be taking place after their bedtime – the Squad gets crazy when they are tired.
2) I don’t know how The Squad will handle older children. I’m afraid that Claudia will pick a random eight year old girl and follow her around. Ian worships Louis, so that should take care of him.
3) The food at Chuck E. Cheese.
4) Remember when that one guy got tasered? (Note to self: Beware of the salad bar. Keep receipt).

I’m excited for the following reasons:
1) We get to leave the house, and we’re not going to the grocery store.
2) I really want to play with the gift we bought.

I’ll let you know how it went.

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  1. Good luck! My little girl is only 4 months but I’m already kinda dreading the Big Mouse…It sounds, however, like Chuck E Cheese is some sort of right of passage or something.

  2. Holy cow! Never heard about that salad bar tasering before. Yes. Keep your receipt 😉

  3. Does Chuck E. Cheese serve beer?

  4. Chuck E. Cheese scares me. It reminds me of WESTWORLD.

  5. Look out! It’s Yul Brenner, right behild the skee-ball.

  6. Susan and I went to CC a year or so ago with our nieces and I came to a startling conclusion… there are a lot of people my age there.

    Oh by the way the Mouse is the devil. (Can you legally think that in Florida?)

  7. Beau, I seriously detested “The Mouse” when I lived in Orlando. But we should speak quietly, Bridgette might be reading this.

  8. I too am a Mouse hater. However, I have a 6 and 4 year old and their mother is FIRED UP about taking them sometime in the next couple of months. F the Mickey, right in his little mouse ass (Buttsex Gone Awry).

  9. Ok, first of all..yes. there is beer and wine at the CC. second of all, you can have the salad bar or one slice of the pizza for the diet. third, and most important…the WORST THING about CC is the chaos. ours has a little kid area, but the kids never want to stay in that area. its usually so crowded you just chase your children around hoping they don’t get stepped on my other, bigger, sugar-ed up children. You might be in luck, it being a thursday night during the school year. but don’t expect to sit or eat all night. you’ll just chase.

  10. “For someone with only 3 fingers the Mouse can get awful grabby”

    Quote from a theatre industry magazine article I read years ago. They were talking about Disney’s greed. I absolutely love this quote.

  11. Cuck E Cheese is hell on earth. The noise, the lousy food, the noise, the money gobbling machines, the noise, the flashing lights, the noise, all those shoes laying around, the noise…

    The one in Memphis does serve beer.

    Did I mention the noise?

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