Eleven searches that ended up here

Now things are starting to get interesting.

1. “wells for women”

2. terrell davis
I guess now I have Amani Toomer AND Terrell Davis. Wow. I came up first in blog searches. So, I guess no one talks about poor Terrell anymore.

3. blingo

4. “This Hat Is My Hat”

5. Oswald Noggin

6. jerry cantrell steelers
Is this even a real thing? What do you think they were going for here?

7. Sarah hand a bon
What do you guys make of that?

8. football shaped brownies

9. cheating mom videos
I don’t think whoever found me this way was looking for what I ate while on a diet. Ew. I feel dirty.

10. neocounter

11. Dora Marching Band

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  1. Here’s one of my recent favorites:
    hypnotist photo album

    Can’t you just imagine the pictures in that album?

  2. The most interesting search that finds my YAM SHAM site is “There’s some whores in this house…”

  3. Tiffer: I loved the pictures, they were better than “Cats”.

    Mr. Hand: Wow. You put my “cheating wives videos” to shame.

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