(Worlds Apart)

My friend Michelle brought over a toy piano (sort of) for The Squad.

Later, the destroyed it by taking the legs off. Well, it still worked, it was just no longer on legs. Here is what happened.

Me: Hey kinds, look! It’s a keytar. (singing, playing keytar, and totally rocking out) Someday love will find you, break those…
Gabe: (yelling) What the hell is wrong with you?
Me: What?
Gabe: Don’t do that! Why would you teach them that?

I’ve got to say, he had a point.

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  1. Journey?

  2. Yeah. Journey.

  3. that is hysterical

  4. OK, then. Gabe has a point.

  5. P.S. If I HAD to be embarrassed? Journey.

  6. Soon Claudia will yell, “what the hell is wrong with you?”.

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