From my E-mails 4

More things that me real life friends said in e-mails to me.

Frank the Tank got ABSOLuTELY TANKEd last night.
The worst I have EVER seen him. Got 86ed by the bartender at 11pm after
breaking his 3rd glass…and when I say slurring…he was making 0. Sense.
He said to me, I’m in tribble..I said what the he’ll does that mean,…and
where the hell are your glasses? He had taken them off and put them on the
floor. No idea why. I then tried to carry him home…didn’t work, as he
fell in the bushes. I grabbes some random dude who helped me get him back
to the room. It took us about a half an hour, as he kept falling, as he
couln:t even stand up. There were about 10 frank the tank chants going on
throughout the night…it was pretty classic

In this case the “1” finger they’re holding up represents the 1 in 1-17.

I’m modeling an elephant ass right now.
followed by:
Actually, I’m modeling the entire elephant, but I was just modeling the ass part when I sent the email. It’s always fun to make the crack.

If Yanks win, Bill has to blow a Yak.

Sorry, I can’t tell you guys what the other half of the bet was but he followed it up with:

Never thought I would say this…but Blowing a Yak seems more appealing.

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