Still Sick / Taking it to the hole

I feel like ass today.

Thank the gods that The Goon Squad has decided to be well behaved again today. They must know I’m sick. They took a morning nap that was at least a half an hour longer than usual, and when they woke up, they just played quietly. Later we went out on the porch and played some basketball.

Here are some pictures of Ian taking it to the hole.

These make me feel better.

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  1. …I hope they didn’t nap longer and play quietly because they too are getting sick…

  2. Also. We have that basketball thing. There are little holes on the side. Watch out. Toys go in and never come out. Children scream because toys go in and never come out.

  3. Thank you for the uplifing thoughts.

    This is disgusting, but I’ve already seen Ian drinking rain water out of the little concave areas where the balls are supposed to go. Sometimes I think he thinks he is a cat.

  4. Sorry, my house is down for the count so I assume all houses should be in the same boat. They probably just napped longer because they sensed you needed the break. And played quietly because they sensed you needed the break. Really. I swear.

  5. You said, “taking it to the hole.”


    When I see my thoughts typed out, I make myself go yuck.

  6. As is often the case, I’d love to take credit for this one, but Gabe is the one who started telling The Squad to “take it to the hole”.

    Now if we say it, they actually go to the basket.

    Come on Title IX scholarship for Claudia!

    She is actually pretty good, I just haven’t caught her getting a basket on camera yet.

  7. Ian’s pointing is the best. Like he just dunked it and is playing to the camera

  8. I like the point as well. He has properly learned that whenever you dunk you’ve gotta taunt your opponent.

  9. That is what we’re trying to teach them.

    “Get inside your opponent’s head”.

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