The down side to teaching your kids sign language

My Mom got a book for The Squad a while back. It is sign language for babies. There are actually a couple of books in the series and we have two. It’s not standard American sign language, but they are great for really young kids who haven’t learned how to talk yet. The kids love these books and we read them all the time, and we all do the signs along with the babies in the book.

The sign for “dog” in this book is just sticking your tongue out and panting. The Goon Squad has perfected this one (along with the sign for “ice cream” which also involves sticking your tongue out).

Anyway, we’ve been watching the Baby Einstein video called “Neighborhood Animals” this week. The main character is a puppet of a dog. Claudia has made the connection. Every time the dog puppet comes on the screen or a picture of a dog, or occasionally a cow, Claudia starts panting like she just ran a mile. I’m pretty sure she is going to hyperventilate soon if I don’t pick another DVD.

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  1. Have I told you how adorable your kids are. I miss them so much!

  2. Robin,

    Come over any time. Congrats on your new job!

  3. Max did this for a long time too, everytime he saw a real life dog. Even funnier – he always did the sign for flowers (sniffing) when he saw Grandma Flowers.

  4. That so funny!

    Yeah, I put on “Baby Shakespeare” instead and there was a whole section on flowers, so she went nuts anyway. I’m sure she is going to pass out.

    That is so great that Max made the connection.

  5. My dog recognizes the names of the other dogs in the neighborhood that he likes to play with. You can say, “Soldier–is that Miles?!” and point down the road and he’ll perk up his ears and start whinging. Then he’ll wander away, looking for his buddy, making the “dog sign” the whole time.

    Yeah–dog story. Sorry. Best I could do.

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