Randomness Part XVI

Did you guys hear that Rick Rubin is producing Neil Diamond’s new album?

This girl sings opera in this outfit?

This guy has a way of looking on the bright side. It is the silver lining, if you happen to be a Packer fan.

On the topic of football… for the rest of you who pooped your pants just a little bit at the end of the Bucs v Lions game on Sunday, it actually may have been a good call. Check this out.

(I got this picture from Best Bucs Blog. I have no idea where he got it.)

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  1. Frank Sucks says:

    Looks like a catch to me 😐

  2. What the
    HELL happened to Charlotte Church? When did she become a whore? I completely missed that transformation. I mean, I knew she was a TWIT – just not a whore. What a delightful surprise.

  3. Frank – You know that was no catch. You – you Raiderfan.

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