Tampa Sports Update

As of Thursday, October 6, 2005:

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are currently undefeated.
The Tampa Bay Lightning are undefeated and defending their title for Lord Stanley’s Cup.
The Tampa Bay Devil Rays are utterly defeated and sad.

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  1. But how are the Tampa Bay Pirates doing this year?

  2. Seriously, you and Alison should talk hockey.

  3. Pirates = baseball. Penguins = hockey. That sports bar I worked at in college. It was owned by Pittsburgh fans.

  4. So how many goals did the Bucs score in their last game?

  5. I like penguins.

  6. I like pirates. Argh! (but I’m an Indians fan).

  7. I like Johnny Depp as a pirate.

  8. I like Johny Depp as just about anything: pirate, indian, penguin …

  9. i hear the devil rays scored a few touchdowns during their last game on the court.

  10. Johnny Depp is too short to be a real pirate. Real pirates would eat him for for a snack.

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