Whatever floats their boats.

Since I’ve had this head cold The Goon Squad has decided that fake sneezing is hilarious.

One time yesterday Ian even put a Kleenex up to his nose, make a fake sneezing sound, nodded his head a little bit – then he spit. Then both kids cracked up.

It’s pretty gross, but at least they are getting easier to entertain.

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  1. Kids are funny! But most adults . . . not so much. Please explain this to me. I think the judging eyes of the rest of society are the problem. Stifles the funny bone within us.

  2. Robey and I high-fived, “up high, on the side, down low … you’re too slow,” for at least half an hour last night. He fell down laughing every time. It just kept getting funnier and funnier.

  3. on da flip side…………don’t leave me hangin’!

  4. When Lou was about 12 months old he’d go around saying “AAAH TOBBIT”
    and then he’d laugh.
    We eventually figured out that this was him pretending to sneeze, which he thought was funny.

  5. Ah yes, the time honored fake sneezing. That was big around here for awhile. Yesterday it was fake coughing. And if you do it IN your sisters face its much more hysterical.

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