The Downside of Naked Time.

We have started taking showers with The Squad lately. They love it, but the problem comes after the shower when we have to all get dry and dressed. I’m sure it will not surprise anyone when I say that they love to run around naked. They think it is hilarious.

We decided it would be good for them to be able to have some naked time, but we have concerns. Recently, Ian peed on Gabe’s shoes after a shower. Gabe was still in the shower when this happened. The shoes were not.

We concluded that it would be best if we let them loose on our new screened in porch right before bath time. This made a lot of sense. The porch has indoor/outdoor carpet, and if somebody pees out there it is not a big deal. We can always hose it down.

The Squad played for about twenty minutes before my Mom made the mistake of saying “I’m surprised no one has peed.”

About 20 seconds after that Gabe said “I have a bad feeling about the look on Claudia’s face”. As he is saying this I turn around and see a big piece of poop coming out of my little girl.

It was really gross.

Not to be completely out done, Ian peed on the slide.

Right after that we decided it was bath time.

I’m sure we’ll do this again tonight. Hopefully Claudia can control herself this time. If not, Grandma and Grandpa are babysitting while I go to Bridgette’s birthday party anyway.

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  1. That’s funny! Happy Birthday Bridgette!

  2. I’m told I peed in my dad’s shoe once during childhood naked time…

  3. Did you submit Claudia’s movement to Rate My Poo?

  4. Mister Hand – I did not, although I DID consider it. It had raisins and everything.

    And Sunday, Ian peed in my shoe. They boy has got mad shoe peeing skilz.

  5. I’ve found that a light swat on the nose with a newspaper and not allowing him to play with shoe chew toys solved that whole “shoe peeing” issue with my kid.

    Wait, maybe that was the dog…

  6. i know what actually happened, the one kid started growing a tail and the other peed out of shock that his sister was growing a tail!!!

    that’s it, problem solved, sherlock cowbell has left the building…..

  7. oh my! Pooh and pee fest! Happy Easter to you and your family!

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