The Boy had the right idea.

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  1. Frank Sucks says:

    I told you, but you decided not to listen to me, you have no one to blaim but yourself.

  2. Dem is fighting words, Sarah. My Jets may be a lot of things (injury-prone, inept, perennial losers) but they are NOT stupid!

  3. I missed all football this weekend. I feel incomplete!

  4. Should I trade Larry Johnson for Joey Galloway? Will Joey continue to put-up numbers all year? Please advise. I’m weak at receiver and haven’t played Johnson yet . . . will Priest hold up? Fantasy always gives me ulcers.

  5. Airplanes beat the Pirates, eh?

    Tough luck.

  6. Frank – I do not blame myself for Griese sucking.

    Arun – I’m sorry, maybe not ALL of the Jets are stupid, but Vinny is stupid. He and I go way back to when he made the Bucs lose from over here.

    Roger – I’d hold on to Galloway, he’s looking good. I have Larry Johnson in one of my leagues and he has been disappointing. Priest is never a sure thing. He is Penningtonesque. Can I even use that as a word?

    Mister Hand – (Arun, don’t listen) Stupid Jets.

  7. Yes. Stupid Jets. I hate the Jets. F— the Jets!

    So… how many baskets did they score in that game?

  8. Yes, I know real sports fans don’t find this kind of comedy funny. But if I do it OFTEN ENOUGH, enventually the humor will derive from the fact that I KEEP DOING IT despite it being funny to NO ONE!

    I mean, after a few thousand of these comments, you won’t be able to KEEP YOURSELF from laughing. So I’m in it for the long haul.

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