and a belly picture

Although I haven’t really been dieting lately, I got on the scale this morning, and I am only seven pounds away from my goal weight. How exciting is that?

Sadly, no matter how thin I get, I will most likely never wear a bikini again without plastic surgery. A side effect of making two babies at once was serious damage to my skin. I will think of my stretch marks as battle scars.

In the mean time, here is a picture of when my belly was very cute.

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  1. Cocoa butter for the stretch marks.

    BUT, I don’t know why women are so hung up on stretch marks. I don’t find them ugly. I think they’re kinda cool.

    Yes. I’m a sicko.

  2. Cocoa butter can help your skin while you are expanding, but it is not a cure after the fact.

  3. What a cute little beach baby!

  4. Thank you!

  5. My wife said the exact same thing: battle scars.

    Your children are what counts. Just look at them and smile.

    Your post yesterday about the two year anniversary was just great. I understand nostalgia, but as a mother that feeling is probably much stronger for you.

    Before you know it pre-k and school will be here. Just enjoy it now(you already deem like you do).

  6. I’d have to go back just as far to find a picture of myself in a bikini I’m willing to share with anyone. I, too, am working toward my goal weight–but not as close as you. I’d really love to just go get it all sucked out.

  7. Congrats!

  8. My wife is seriously lamenting the loss of her smooth, firm tummy. Everyone tells her “it will come back” but these people don’t really understand what having two babies at once will do to the skin.

    Oh well. Small price to pay for two precious babies at once!

  9. Anonymous says:

    yeah – even having one baby at a time stretched me out!!! it sucks!

    sarah – that pic of you reminds me of zoe too…maybe it’s the hair or the crazy pose you’re in :)


    p.s. i love your blog. i read it at work sometimes when i’m bored!

  10. I always thought that my kids would look like Zoe does. Even before Zoe was born.

    Zoe and Ian were sitting together on the couch, and I said “See, that is what I was expecting my kids to look like. A brown haired girl and a blond boy (like me and Mike, I guess). I also did not expect all of my children to be the same age.

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