Randomness Part XVII

I stole this picture (the stop sign) from Little Miss Pissy Pants. She and I are both easily amused.

Butt is it art?’

Okay, Hernesto G. I am offended and laughing at the same time. (Don’t try to open up this one at work, and scroll down, there is some disturbing stuff in here).

I got this picture (the bus) off of The Peanut Queens Lair.
Consider it further proof of my immaturity.

This take on same sex marriages was on Terminal Velocity. (Thank you, Mister Hand for bringing it to my attention).

Oh, and how ’bout them Vikings? Don’t stop reading before you get to the second page (Thank you Gabe) .

And Frank sent me this one about potty training. To each their own, I guess.

These t-shirts are hilarious! The Kaiser sent me that one.

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  1. the peanut queens lair bus chick appears to have some stained undies. what they hey???

  2. Hammertime . . . I totally LOL’ed.

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