I forgot to tell you this one

Gabe was taking his parents to the airport on Sunday evening, and I was making dinner for The Goon Squad. I was pretty sure that Claudia was in the living room pooping, but I didn’t think much of it because she does that every day.

After the food was ready, I went to the living room to collect The Squad and change everyone’s diapers before dinner. It smelled like poop a lot in there. Claudia was roaming around in her little jumper making her normal little girl noises when I saw it.

Her diaper with poop in it was on the living room floor.

Because she was wearing a dress, I didn’t notice that she was walking around with no pants on. She had somehow removed her own poopy diaper. And no one had wiped her up.

Needless to say, grossness followed.

Do other parents have this many stories about poop? Or is it just my kids?

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  1. I could spend an entire day relating poop stories. Just recently I woke up to find Hala with poop from her neck to her knees, all over my bed—and she was sound asleep.

  2. Gross. And wow.

  3. I’m not really grossed out anymore. Is that weird?

  4. I’m sure I have told you more poop stories than necessary…

  5. Poop? OMG. Don’t get me started! I wonder who I killed to get such bad poop karma.

  6. At first I read the beginning of the post as, “Gabe was taking his pants to the airport . . . “.

    Pants on the go.

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