Happy Halloween (1979)

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  1. Halloween is a Satanic holiday. So we don’t celebrate it at MY house.

    Instead, we go out in the woods and sacrifice virgins in the name of Our Most Precious Dark Lord.

  2. You worship Voldemort?

  3. I really don’t have anything to add, but the verification word was “xpube”, and I just couldn’t leave that alone.

  4. Dude. Your jack0lanterns have ears. And Mike’s is telling him a humorous pumpkins secret. And your pony tails and pursed up little lips are adorable.

    Funny, I don’t remember that kitchen looking quite so dated.

  5. Kaiser – Is that like a former pube?

    Alison – I wasn’t dated when you saw it. You were probably in the room when this picture was taken.

  6. I have the same exact haircut in this picture and the beard picture.

    They were taken about 18 years apart.

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