Even more searches that brought people here

1. sarah had to poop picture
Okay, who searched this one? It had to be one of you guys. This is too disturbing to be real.

2. squad circus
Ah, yes. You’ve come to the right place for that.

3. depiction of Odin

4. game goon
If you are searching for “game goon”, what are you really looking for?

5. I peed in my pants so badly everyone saw it
Who searches for this, and how did it get them here? I am so confused.

6. corey feldman mugshot

7. Sarah and the old testament and pictures

8. “pictures of Hands”
Now I’m just trying to be like Alison. I wonder if they got here from her comment that she gets hits all the time from people searching for pictures of hands.

9. “rick moranis” “country album”

10. bukkake
Of course. Of course. The VERY FIRST DAY I posted this. I guess I should be expecting more of these.

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  1. Ha! SARAH AND THE GOON SQUAD: your number one stop for bukkake news on the ‘net!

  2. I just got another hit for “Rick Moranis”. Who is doing a technorati search for Rick Moranis? Do you think it is Rick, himself?

  3. You know, for months I’ve been getting hit with searches for “Julia Louise Dreyfuss nude.” What is up with that?!

  4. See, doesn’t it seem like that must be the same guy over and over”?

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