Happy Halloween (1996)

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  1. Aah! It’s a coven. But the witch on the right seems to have traded in her leg for larger breasts. Sort of like The Gift of the Magi. Sort of.

  2. Well, you do what you’ve got to do.

  3. st, the picture really made me laugh. Then Meatbag’s comment made me laugh even more.

    We have really big hair. I know we did that on purpose, but wow.

  4. “Americas Next Top Witches Search”?

    “The witches apprentice”?

    WOW was the hair big back then-I bet at least a can or Aqua Net per Witchypoo…

  5. you all have glowing eyes….that’s creepy man!s

  6. okay, that last post of mine looks like it was done by a drunk person…

  7. Where are you finding all these cool old pictures? I hate scanning. Hey – can I pay you to scan all my pics for me so I can start posting at basement treasures again?

  8. Alison – Yes, I will accept money for scanning.

  9. Tres hot!

    Witches and pink hair–what can I say? I have issues.

  10. Incredible….I’m wearing exactly the same thing today!

  11. I believe you, Brian.

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