She is such a girl. He is such a boy.

It is nap time here (yes, they were up before 6:00 again this morning). At nap time I usually announce “It’s nap time. Everybody get your bear and your pacifier and let’s go”.

Here is what happened this morning. Ian grabbed his bear and ran away from his room. Claudia collected 1) her pacifier, 2) her bear 3) an Elmo 3) her baby doll and 4) another Elmo and then she wanted me to pick her up. I assure you, it is almost impossible to carry a 17 month old carrying two Tickle Me Elmos a doll and a bear. I carried both Elmos and put all her accoutrements in the crib with Claudia and she laid down and I think she is managing to hug them all.

Then I chased Ian down, while he roared at me (like a lion) and put him in his bed.

When Claudia wakes up, she will want to get out of bed with every single piece of crap that she went to bed with. It is as if she has her own little entourage.

When Ian wakes up, he will want to know where the remote for the TV is.

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  1. Robey won’t go to bed without at least two books – in the crib with him.

  2. Just last night we had:
    Shimmer from Sunny Patch
    Annie from Thomas
    Claribell from Thomas
    a motorcycle
    one of those dog-head, blanket body things

  3. you are hilarious!!! thank you for your blog :)


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