Watching the Bucs game yesterday was like watching a video of yourself getting a paper cut in slow motion. You already knew what was going to happen, but it hurt anyway and it took forever.

The Bucs lost to San Francisco. Make that San Francisco’s fourth string quarterback. Ugly. This game was supposed to be a sure win. The 49ers have sucked all year. Make that for two years, at least.

Oh, Buccaneers, why oh why do you lose to the crappy teams?

To exacerbate the agony, I think the guys that announced the game were called up from the football announcer’s practice squad. At one point someone announced that Chris Simms was knocked down by Ellis Wyms. This would have been an amazing feat, since Ellis Wyms plays for the Bucs defense and was sitting on the sidelines at the time of the incident. They also pronounced player names wrong. They also seemed to be rooting for the 49ers.

I will look on the bright side. This picture makes me laugh.

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  1. Well, I’m awful sorry the bucs lost. But that picture is quite funny.

  2. Dude that WAS a good pic.
    How the hell did the Bucs lose?
    Crap it’s like they were playing me and my girlfriends, and we kicked their ass.

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