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Another Meme

I got this off of Laurie at Stranded in Suburbia, it sounded interesting. Feel free to play if you are bored, just let me know, so I can check you out. Here we go, the assignment is to find and post an image from the first Google Image page for each of the following 7 […]

For a Good Time Call

I have mentioned my little buddy Eric before. He is four years old. Yesterday his Mom e-mailed me this picture, with this caption: “Eric got a hold of a calculator today. He holds it up & says, “look whose phone # this is”. I stand by my original statement that the kid is smart, he […]

Did I mention?

Did I mention we just bought a house in Virginia? Does anyone want to buy a house in Tampa?

She is learning

Claudia has been going through this phase where she freaks out every time we chage her diaper, we are talking kicking and screaming and crying and general hysterics. This morning she started with me. It was 6:00 am and she had been wearing the same diaper since 6:30 pm. I tried to fight her soaked […]

Poor Kitty

Ian loves Klaus.

Everybody is mowing (except me)

Thanksgiving Recap

This was not our typical Thanksgiving. We usually take turns every other year either with my Mom’s whole side of the family or at the beach with Gabe’s family and close friends of the family. This Thanksgiving it was our year to go to Gabe’s parents house, but since we are moving there in about […]

More fun with headbands

Here is Claudia doing her impression of Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider. This is from the scene where he puts his stash in the gas tank of his chopper. And here we have Ian doing his scene from Flashdance. What a feeling! Below, you will see Claudia’s impression of a tired little girl. Wait a […]

Notes on The Squad

I’m sure this is not what Gabe had envisioned when he put “Little Headbands” on the grocery list, but this is what he got: And you can’t give something to the girl and not to the boy. Speaking of the boy… The Goon Squad and I went to the grocery store today, just the three […]

Letting the cat out of the bag

I know I’ve been distracted lately, and not blogging as often as normal (causing Beau great boredom and forcing him to resort to playing the game where he puts tupperware on his head instead of reading my blog all day long). I haven’t even mentioned the Bucs 30 – 27 victory over Atlanta on Sunday […]

Today I said this.

“Ian, stop licking the screen”.


I suppose everyone in the universe except me already knew all about Myspace before this week. My sister-in-law showed me her page when I was up visiting. Actually my other sister-in-law (or ex-sister-in-law, or whatever you are supposed to call your brother’s ex-wife if you are still friends with her – my niece’s mama?) sent […]