Does anyone know a good attorney?

Halloween went pretty well, except for when my kids tried to steal a car.
Fortunately, it was their Grandmother’s car and she didn’t press any charges.

Really, The Goon Squad did a great job holding up. My kids have a tendency to go to bed really early. Since the time change was two days ago, I think they would go to bed a 5:30 given the option. Last night they were troopers. We only hit three houses, but they were champs. No one actually said trick or treat, but Claudia said “thank you” twice.

I think Ian’s favorite part was when he got a lollipop and started eating it with the wrapper on. Claudia’s favorite part was the dog next door. After that she was doing her sign language for dog (panting) every time we went up to someone’s door.

We were proud of them, and I think they had fun. I know I did.

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  1. Very cute kids!

    Twins.. wow.

  2. I love those costumes. Jack made it about 4 blocks this year before passing out on Daddy.

  3. COWS!!

    Damn… cows are scary. You people are sick.


  4. You know I love that herd of cows…….I can’t believe they didn’t actually make off with the car. They are far too shifty for me to ever let them sit in the front seat of MY automobile.
    I’ve seen the way Claudia eyes heavy machinery…..

  5. They went right for the Mercedes. I don’t know if it is because they have good tate, or if it was just much closer to the ground than the minivan or the Explorer, and they could reach the handles and climb in.

    If you park in my driveway, LOCK YOUR DOORS. Trust me. Those kids are no good.

  6. I couldn’t see the picture. As soon as I saw the cow spots I had to cover my eyes like a chick in a horror movie.

  7. don’t cows have diplomatic immunity?

  8. I have a good attorney, but he’s specializing in keeping the dang feds off my back. Sorry.

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