If anybody cares

I was going through a big box a photos this weekend looking for Halloween pictures, and I found some funny stuff.

This is how long I have know Alison. This is also one of the least embarrassing pictures that I found of us.

I also found some pictures of when I was much more rock n roll than I am now. I am contemplating posting some of those too.

I am further thinking of posting my 9th grade school picture. This is the picture Gabe calls “Ferris Bueller’s sister”.

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  1. You’re wearing a Clear Fork Construction T-ball shirt! And I’m wearing my True Geek Girl glasses! How did we ever think we were cool?

  2. I have no idea.

  3. You guys are totally cool, I could post the scariest prom picture ever and then you would feel quite secure in your hip status….

  4. Please, please, please do.

    I thought my prom picture was just fine until Gabe saw it the other day. He said nobody should have let me out in that dress and I looked ridiculous.

  5. I’m ready for the rock and roll pictures. Oh yeah.

    You were both very beautiful girls, by the way. I’m all about chicks with glasses.

  6. But big round glasses and lazy eyes? Not cool.

    My prom dresses are hilarious. We should declare a blogdom, promdom week of shame and have everyone post their worst prom outfits at the same time.

  7. I have no surviving prom pictures. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

  8. Alison – I also found MANY homecoming and prom pictures of you and Jerm.

    Gabe said your dresses were better than mine, but I’m not sure if he was being sarcastic or not.

  9. My story is my scanner is broke. The Kaiser looooves to discuss my big hair days, I’m going to try not to give him any additional ammo.

    Unless everyones else does it—in which case I’ll play for the sake of my friends.

  10. Sarah, you truly have not changed one bit.

    I think my prom clothes may be ok. The mullet on the other hand, not so good.

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