Beware of the Promapalooza

Next Tuesday Erin, Alison, Becky, Bridgette and I will be hosting the first ever Promapalooza.
We will all be posting old prom (or any formal, really) pictures. There will be voting for best hair and best dress (all sarcasm, I assure you). Anyone can participate. Just let one of us know and be ready and scanned by Tuesday. If you want to play, please make sure you obscure your date unless he personally says you can use his likeness. I don’t want to get sued by anyone’s high school boyfriend.
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  1. Aw. My prom date was TOTALLY afraid of me. That would have been BIG FUN.

  2. Bring it, Hand. You can always obsure your face too, in the name of anonymity.

  3. Yeah! We can totally vote for worst tux and hair too!

  4. Yeah, but the FUN part would be seeing the deer in the headlights look on my date’s face.

    I was quite dashing in high school. But I was a little scary. And pimply.

  5. We were ALL scary in high school.

  6. I’m reserving judgement until Tuesday.

  7. this is actually footage of me preforming at my high school prom

    no date, sadly, but the cowbell rocked the kasbah to no limit!

  8. Can men play in Promapalooza as well? I sported a pretty mean perm for my prom?

  9. Hell yes, David. Join up!

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