It’s the end of the world as we know it.

I was checking my e-mail about an hour ago and Ian walked into my computer room.

Sick or not, Ian has figured out how to open our child gates.

It is one of those with the foot pedal that is hard to press down. He has understood how they work for a while now, he just wasn’t strong enough or heavy enough to get the pressure required to open the gate.

Instead – he just pulls up on the pedal. It comes off and the gate opens. Voila! The Goon Squad is loose! 17 months old. Two $50 gates. Kids everywhere. Yikes!

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  1. Yeah, wait until they figure out doorknobs. The Monkey can reach them. She’s working on figuring out how to USE them.

  2. Oh yeah, he can open doors too. He figured that one out on Sunday.

  3. Oh man… you’re done.

    That is one milestone that I never looked forward to, or celebrated.

  4. Whoah! This is bad. Will you be able to blog if they aren’t caged properly?

  5. I think I may need a laptop. Or a padlock. Or a bigger cage.

  6. I am just thinking of putting up gates. Too bad you don’t live closer. I’d take yours!

  7. I know it’s an annoyance now, but do you feel better know that at least it indicates superior intelligence?

    Actually, it probablymakes you feel better for all of 3 seconds before you burn out running afer him!

  8. That kid is too smart, you are in big trouble!

    You need to get the ones that you have to lift the big arm thingy. Just make sure the arm thing is not on the side they are on, it makes it easier to climb. We had those & if you put it tight enough I have trouble!

  9. Maybe you could enlist those snakes that live in your bushes to help keep him in the right rooms.

  10. This reminds me of my favorite reality show:


    And then there’s the sub-par knockoff Saturday night show:


  11. TWINS UNLEASHED stars Ian and Claudia as crazed kids with amother that accidentally swears too much, the Dad that always yells at the cat and the zany Grandparents.

  12. What? No wacky neighbor?

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