More search words that brought people here

1. swim diaper and diaper photos and picture
Okay, this one came up twice. I will assume that it is the same pervert both times.

2. picture of blackman pirate

A pervert with grammatical issues? I think I have fecopheliacs coming to my site.

4. miss nude jumper

5. “rhonda storms” father

6. look who peed her pants
It wasn’t me.

7. “big feet”

8. mak your own paper doll
This led to my Gazoogle post.

9. blackwoman looking for white man

10. “alice in chains is underrated”

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  1. I just got a really nasty search hit on my page. I’m embarrased to even type it. Let’s just say it was of the MIL* genre. I also just got “daisy duke outfits for kids” and “Queen mother alcohol”—

  2. Alice in Chains IS underrated.

  3. how funny!!!

  4. Who does a google search for anything and the word “picture”. Don’t they see the google image button. Not only are they perverted they are also stupid.

  5. Hey, guess what? You’re also ranked number one on Google under the search BUKAKKE REFLUX!

  6. Great.

  7. Ah, some real gems there. You should be proud.

  8. I used to be the number one hit for Meatbag, which made me unreasonably happy. I’m not even the number one for Movie Masochist. That honor goes to some bastard who stole my idea. Seriously, look at this article from five days after my first Movie Masochist post.

  9. You were so robbed!

  10. The google pervs drive me nuts. One was looking for “insect” and yes–he spelled it wrong (and wouldn’t find it anyway–found a post about bugs, though). A lot look for potty pictures. UGH!

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