Welcome to Promapalooza. My dates faces have been obscured to protect the innocent.

I like to call this one “Same Hair – Prom 1989”:

“Sarah’s Prom 1991”:

Bridgette’s computer is down today. So here is Bridgette’s Prom. You should know that Bridgette and her date broke up one week before this picture was taken.

Here is Ritch’s Prom:

Tammy’s Prom:

Go vote for “best” hair and “best” dress on Aliblog! The poll will be up Wednesday. Feel free to vote for BIYF, Ritch or either of my dates for best hair.

Here are the others that said they were playing:
Because I’m Your Father
Bridgette (her picture is posted here)
Ms. Mama
Ritch (posted here)
Tammy (posted here)

Please let me know if I forgot anybody.

Also thanks to Meatbag, who made my pictures much cooler than you see here, but I can’t make those ones size right.

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  1. u r a fox but your dates are a bit scuzzy lady.

  2. So. Much. Hair.

  3. We could be in a Krokus video with all this hair.

  4. sarah, the dude in your pic has longer curly hair than you!

  5. I love how the colors match … ties & cummerbunds with the dresses & flowers. Oh, and the hair. Look at all the hair!

  6. Jamwall – I was always jealous of his hair.

  7. Ok. First of all. Did the blue dress come in every color of the rainbow? Also. I like the hair in the second photo, very…looking for the right words here…very…I don’t even know…but I really wish I could see more the second dress.

  8. Did Bridgette have a Gone with the Wing theme at her prom?

  9. Oh, and look at all the wristflowers! You are wearing gloves, too, aren’t you???

  10. Those were the days. I wonder if I have pics of my buddy’s tie died tux?

  11. Ok. Ritch. The hair. Really. It was like…FEATHERED?????? And Tammy. Tammy, tammy tammy. Actually, your hair is much smaller than I anticipated. I never would have thought my hair would be the biggest. I’m almost disappointed in you and Sarah.

  12. Erin, don’t forget, our proms were before yours. We had the right amount of big hair at the time. Plus, we weren’t preppy. As you can see, we were more rockin’.

  13. Ritch’s hair is a bit feathered, isn’t it?

    k o w – I’d love to see a picture of a tie dyed tux.

  14. It wasn’t “feathered”. It just had a bit of a ‘wispy’ look as I had really light hair. It was rockin’ though, I don’t care what anyone says.

  15. mrthqp
    I don’t think anyone doubts that you were rockin’.

  16. Yeah, you guys were totally more rockin’. Me, not so much. I’d look great in the background of a John Hughes movie, though

  17. Gabe, you looked very pretty.

  18. For those of you that did not know me in high shool, I am the tall one in back. This was my date

  19. Gabe, you know your Mom reads this, right?

  20. If she still likes me after high school I don’t think my prom pictures will turn her against me now.

  21. Wow. Really, that’s all I can say. Wow. Those boys have some hair.

  22. Hmm. Gabe DID have big … hair.

  23. Mullets rule!

  24. Gabe has much pointier nipples than I imagined.

  25. And much bigger … hair.

  26. Hair, poufy sleeves, that brings me back. I’m playing too (got inspired by Ellen)

  27. Damn – I just clicked through to that GWAR photo on my work computer. They’ll be calling in the censor police now for sure.

    Didn’t Gabe have big hair when you got married? Long hair anyway?

  28. Just long, not big.

  29. Next categories?

    Glasses (Coke bottle, sun & other)
    Braces (anyone have braces?)
    Activities (sports, band, chess club)
    Jobs (especially if you had to wear a paper hat)

  30. I wore that same blue dress for my sister’s first wedding. I wasn’t invited to her third….hmmm.

  31. Oh, and how could I forget?

    Hideous makeup.

  32. The polls have opened early at AliBlog. Go vote now!

  33. Nice looking couples there, what you can see of them that is.

  34. i think you should put happy faces over the blocked out faces in the pics.

    those faceless people creep me out, next thing you know, they’re talking in that creepy electronically altered voice.

  35. Was your date in Whitesnake? Oh, I remember those hair days! My junior yearbook picture–my hair was so big, it didn’t all fit in the picture.

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