Randomness Part XXI

Two years ago today we found out that there were not one, but two babies in me. When Gabe told his parents that we were having twins, his Dad thought we were trying to be funny. Our Mothers decided that it was great because then they wouldn’t have to fight over which Grandmother got to hold the baby.

Here is Fred Marshall with Open Arms. (Thanks Erin).

Aaron sent me this little essay entitled “Everything I Need to know I learned from Iron Maiden“.

Gabe and Mark both thought I would want to know about “Metal Hand Sign” Abuse.

A frozen Boston Market Pot Pie has 39 grams of fat per serving. AND TWO SERVINGS PER POT PIE. I suppose that is why they taste so good. But you could eat three large servings of McDonald’s french fries and still eat less fat. Next time I’m going for the fries.

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  1. Fred, Fred, Fred. Look up the lyrics online, dear. Oh, and turn off that mic. Dude.

  2. Hey, Sarah. You need a new link for the metal abuse. I got to read about 50’s longass sock again. Actually, I wish they had a picture of him in the diaper.

  3. IRON MAIDEN also referenced the British television show from the 60’s I’ve been watching on DVD: THE PRISONER. They’re songs “Welcome to the Village” and I believe they have another called “The Prisoner.”

    There’s my bit of wholly irrelevant IRON MAIDEN trivia.

  4. Iceland again. It’s becoming a theme.

  5. Jeromy is so going to love the Iron Maiden lesson. He’s still a fan (still learning too, I suppose).

  6. God. Journey is bad enough. And the song “Open Arms” is just plain God-awful–like some sort of sadist God created the world with this song in it so thinking, tasteful people would have to kill themselves, making themselves instinct, turning the world into a black-velvet painting-draped hell. But someone singing Journey’s “Open Arms” karaoke-style–that’s just proof that there is no hell.



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