And I thought poop was a problem.

I just regained my sense of smell.

Something in my refrigerator smells terrible.

I’m scared to look.

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  1. Did someone put a poopy diaper in the fridge?

  2. Yeah, you know if you don’t freeze the poop it goes bad after three days–just like fish and houseguests.

  3. My fridge smells terrible all the time.

    It’s the cat. It’s always the cat.

  4. I vote Gabe gets to clean out the fridge. Sounds like his nose is still stuffed.

    And my daughter really likes Mr.Hand’s puppy.

  5. Ick. I just tried to clean it out and the smell was not coming from in there.

    Let’s all hope it is just something in the bottom of the garbage can.

  6. Ooh. Maybe one of the snakes in the bushes died. IN YOUR HOUSE.

  7. Now Becky, that is not nice at all.

  8. Seriously Becky, now I’m going to have nightmares.

  9. Not nice. But really funny. I read snakes really like pillow cases…

  10. Well, I was gonna say maybe a mouse died. But the snakes would have eaten the mouse. So … figured maybe it was a snake.

    Or … maybe one of the kids left a sippy cup full of milk somewhere. That’s always pleasant to find.

  11. Uh oh, sounds like something went bad and fuzzy.

  12. Could be meat, could be cake.
    Must be MEATCAKE!
    – Carlin

  13. Your refrigerator, too? I frightened of mine. Scared that old leftover chinese in there is going to sprout legs. And did you know that olives don’t live forever?

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