Six driving down I-95

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  1. Worse than a back-seat driver?

  2. Six? As in Number Six? Is that the cat’s name? Did you name the cat for the Patrick McGoohan character in THE PRISONER?

  3. Aaaw. Six. We miss you.

  4. His name was 606. His brother was Seven or 607. They were numbered when we got them.

  5. Was that in your Saturn?

  6. AWWWW!! Six was such a sweety!!

  7. Aaaah…he was a very special kitty. I was just talking about him yesterday! I know you miss him Sarah.

  8. That’s my boy. Yes, it was in the Saturn.

  9. I just realized, Six has ALL his hair in this pic. I miss the “Mohawk” days!!!

  10. Seven just looked at the picture and thought it was him! Seven wants to come visit this weekend but I told him that he has to babysit (catsit?) Eight while I am visiting you…… he was sad. Seven said he wanted to drive on I-75.

    BTW..the first question I asked was whose car is that? Me and Tammy think alike.

  11. NOOOO toonces!!!! watch out!!!


    sorry, had to throw in a “toonces the driving cat” reference…

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