I suppose everyone in the universe except me already knew all about Myspace before this week. My sister-in-law showed me her page when I was up visiting. Actually my other sister-in-law (or ex-sister-in-law, or whatever you are supposed to call your brother’s ex-wife if you are still friends with her – my niece’s mama?) sent me a link for her page a long time ago, but I couldn’t make it work that day and had forgotten all about it until recently.

Anyway, I went on there this morning, and I trying to set up an account, when I ran across the high school locator. I just typed in my High School the third person on the list was an old friend who has been missing for years. I haven’t seen her in at least 12 years. I was so excited. I sent her a message and I hope she writes back.

I also found my brother. I had no idea he had a Myspace account. The interweb is an amazing place.

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  1. Everyone in the universe except me. But … now I know.

  2. Very cool. And now I’m the last to know.

  3. I feel like I’m too old for myspace and livejournal (which I lump together primarily because of the age range of users). Everytime I’ve run across a myspace site, I’ve had a hard time navigating and perusing the system.

    After reading your post, I tried searching for my high school alum, to see what I’d find. I didn’t find anyone over 26.

  4. All of the “kids” that work for me use it. I am in the I think I am too old camp. Hell I hang out in Mommy Blogs.

  5. Myspace confuses and frightens.

  6. Me.

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