Notes on The Squad

I’m sure this is not what Gabe had envisioned when he put “Little Headbands” on the grocery list, but this is what he got:

And you can’t give something to the girl and not to the boy.

Speaking of the boy…

The Goon Squad and I went to the grocery store today, just the three of us. It is a little bit complicated to take two one and a half year olds anywhere, but it is something I can do if I am careful and have the double stroller handy. The hard part is getting them from the house to the car, and back from the car and into the house when we get home.

This afternoon, I got Ian out first, he was on the passengers side of the van. I opened up the front door (where my groceries were) and put my purse down and walked around to the other side and started to get Claudia out of her car seat. This is when Ian started climbing into the front seat from the passengers side. Then he climbed through the middle and hopped up in to the drivers seat and started steering. This is reminiscent of Halloween, except he wasn’t dressed as a cow. I hope he just likes driving. I really hope he doesn’t steal cars when he grows up.

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  1. That pictute could be a mug shot of a car theif.

    The Baby Blue Headband Gang.

  2. I’m with Beau. There is a thug element associated with headbands.

  3. No way, they look great.

  4. Ian’s Just Working for the Weekend people. Leave him alone.

  5. Everybody wants a second chance.

    Oh yeah – and he kept squinting becuase you could tell he thought the headband was too close to his eyes.

    Claudia found one and put it on first thing this morning. Today she is wearing it like a necklace. Very Flashdance.

  6. Love juggling the groceries and twins. My favourite is when I bring them inside and put them in the kitchen and then go back to the car to get the groceries. They lean against the baby gate in the kitchen so that I can’t open it without them tumbling into the hallway. And then I am left standing in the hallway, begging two 1 1/2-year-olds to let me put away the milk.

    Love the image of your twins swinging around the car.

  7. I have fond memories of my father “letting me drive” at that age. How sweet!

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