More fun with headbands

Here is Claudia doing her impression of Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider. This is from the scene where he puts his stash in the gas tank of his chopper.

And here we have Ian doing his scene from Flashdance. What a feeling!

Below, you will see Claudia’s impression of a tired little girl. Wait a minute – that’s not an impression.

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  1. Are you sure Ian is doing Flashdance? I thought it was Karate Kid…Wax on, wax off Danielson.

  2. Sweep the leg!

  3. Maybe – he’s not very good at talking.

  4. everybody looks so “jim mcmahon.”

    they should have Rozelle written on the headbands.

    okay, i’m totally dating myself…

  5. YES! Jim McMahon. Jamwall has captured the moment for me.

  6. “I’m the punky QB known as McMahon, when I hit the turf, I’ve got no plan”.

  7. First of all, teaching Claudia how to stash drugs…


    Dressing Ian up and making him act like a chick…

    double tsk-tsk…

    But BEATING Claudia just so you can get some shots of her teary eyes! What kind of MONSTERS are you people?

  8. haha hilarious!

  9. Oh LOL! They are adorable!

  10. Mister Hand – What do you mean YOU PEOPLE? It was just me. Gabe was at work.

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